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Serena & Drew

Welcomed their beautiful little boy in 2023

Positive Birth story newborn

Three words I previously would have used to describe labour and birth before attending the Positive Birth Program:

- Scary

- Painful

- Trauma

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Three words I would use to describe labour/ birth now:

- Beautiful

- Life changing

- Amazing

If you feel happy to share, how do you think your birth experience has changed you as a person (and as a couple)?

I feel so strong now like I can handle anything and i'm so excited to do it again.

What tool/s from the program did you find most helpful:

- Birth partner tools and supporting methods

- affirmations

- knowing my rights

- massage and pressure points

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positive birth program hobart birth education hobart hypnobirthing australia

What were the most helpful things you packed to take to the hospital with you?

-A portable fan

- tens machine

- music and headphones

- drink bottle with straw

positive empowered birth birth education hobart

As the partner or birth partner, how did your feelings about birth and your role as a support person change after completing the Positive Birth Program?

We both went from feeling anxious and like we had no road map to being as clear as possible on the process and our roles. After, I felt like I could make informed decisions about the birth.

positive birth education hobart australia

One piece of advice you would give to another couple preparing for their own Positive Birth experience: 

Talk to your birthing partner regularly about your goals and needs so they can be as prepared and supportive as possible.

Any other kind words you would be happy to share about your experience attending the Positive Birth Program course with Hello Birth Co:

Jess completely changed our whole experience. We were able to make confident and informed decisions about our birth which made for a beautiful birth and I am actually looking forward to doing it again.

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