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Positive Caesarean Birth Program

A Positive Birth experience is all about feeling confident in your ability to make informed choices and decisions along the way that leave you and your birth partner feeling like respected, empowered and active participants in your birth experience. If you are planning for a Caesarean Birth, please know that you have CHOICES!

There are a number of birth preferences you may be able to incorporate, in consultation with your health care providers, for a calm and beautiful cesarean birth experience. I am so proud to offer the Positive Caesarean Birth Program because I believe that all types of birth can be an empowering and transformative experience. 

Below is an outline of the things we cover in Positive Caesarean Birth Program class!

positive cesarean birth experience australia
positive cesarean birth education and experience australia

Knowledge is POWER

  • Learn and build knowledge about the latest research in regards to caesarean birth

  • We talk about birth preferences that may be available to you (These and other preferences may be negotiated with supportive caregivers, dependant on your individual circumstances) eg. how we can create a calm birth environment, lowering the drape as baby is born, delayed cord clamping, skin to skin and more!

  • We also discuss topics such as, What happens during a Caesarean Section?, closing hormonal gaps, baby's microbiome, further reading and research papers, bonding with baby at birth, initiating breast feeding and tips for a healthy recovery

Preparation is key

  • Feel prepared and empowered to make informed decisions regarding your options leading up to your caesarean birth

  • Learn to condition both your mind and body for a calm and more relaxed birth experience

  • We dive into understanding how our mind works, what is self-hypnosis?, what does a positive birth mean to me?, how can fear affect our body and birth, thoughts are powerful!, reprograming our subconscious, language of positive birthing, the power of affirmations, pre-birth bonding, healthy mother healthy baby

  • Guided fear release and visualisation of birth

  • Watch a Positive Caesarean Birth Video

Your Toolkit

  • You'll learn tools and techniques that you can use to reinforce a positive approach and mindset – such as affirmations, visualisation, self-hypnosis (hypnotherapy) and instant relaxation techniques, helping you to feel more relaxed and calm throughout the birthing process. 

  • As well as, music for birthing, relaxation breathing, touch for releasing endorphins and acupressure points 

Support Team

  • learn how to research your possible birth choices and discuss any birth preferences you may wish to include with your support person and health care providers

  • You support person will learn also come away with the knowledge and tools to be able to encourage and support you through pregnancy and birth. Their calming and supportive presence can really make all the difference!

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