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Mikala & Luke

Welcomed a beautiful little boy in 2022

Positive Birth Stories

Three words I previously would have used to describe labour and birth before attending the Positive Birth Program:

Very. Shit. Scared

Three words I would use to describe labour/ birth now:

- Empowering

- Exhausting

- Prepared

Positive Birth Education Classes Hobart

If you feel happy to share, how do you think your birth experience has changed you as a person?

I feel like a badass. I feel like I can take on anything.

What tool/s from the program did you find most helpful:

- Meditation tracks

- Birth ball

Positive Birth Inspiration

What were the most helpful things you packed to take to the hospital with you?

- Tens machine

- Water bottle

- Button down nightie

- Speaker

As the partner or birth partner, how did your feelings about birth and your role as a support person change after completing the Positive Birth Program?

More prepared & less daunting

Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth Classes Online Hobart

One piece of advice you would give to another couple preparing for their own Positive Birth experience: 

Take this course! Take it slow and relax. Tell people what you need them to do for you and you take control of your labour experience. Create a cal relaxing environment. Trust your body.

Any other kind words you would be happy to share about your experience attending the Positive Birth Program course with Hello Birth Co: 

I couldn’t imagine giving birth without doing this course! It took the unknown daunting experience that I had in my head and turned it into an empowering rememberable experience. Jess was very professional but still friendly. You can tell she is really passionate about birth and ensuring you feel well equipped for your upcoming birth and labour.

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