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Alishya & Gus

Welcomed a beautiful little girl in 2023

Positive Birth Story First Baby

Three words I previously would have used to describe labour and birth before attending the Positive Birth Program:

- Painful

- Unpredictable

- Overwhelming

Three words I would use to describe labour/ birth now:

- Incredible

- Empowering 

- Beautiful

If you feel happy to share, how do you think your birth experience has changed you as a person?

Alishya: I am incredibly proud of my mind and body, and what it is capable of.

Gus: I’ve seen a power in my partner that I had not witnessed before.

Birth education for partners

What tool/s from the program did you find most helpful:

- Identifying and releasing my fears

- As well as the physiological education

What were the most helpful things you packed to take to the hospital with you?

- Our birth intentions letter for our care providers

- Essential oil diffuser 

- Tens machine

- Speaker

As the partner or birth partner, how did your feelings about birth and your role as a support person change after completing the Positive Birth Program?

Gus: I felt prepared and at ease, knowing what to expect given the knowledge I gained about the physical and emotional aspects of birth.

One piece of advice you would give to another couple preparing for their own Positive Birth experience: 

Gain as much knowledge and tools as possible, to feel empowered to relax into your labour and birth.

Any other kind words you would be happy to share about your experience attending the Positive Birth Program course with Hello Birth Co: 

Completing the Positive Birth Program with Jess was the best preparation we did as a couple leading up to our birth. Jess is kind and approachable and made us feel very safe and at ease during the program, allowing us to ask any questions and explore our feelings about birth. This strengthened our relationship as a couple, with us leaving feeling knowledgeable about birth and understanding what our own intentions for our birth would be. The resources provided in the program were extremely helpful leading up to the birth, being able to practice hypnobirthing techniques regularly. I also used the tools to create a birth intentions letter which enabled us to clearly articulate our wishes for our care providers.

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